When River Region Federal Credit Union has any repossessed vehicles or property, you will be able to find them listed on this page. If you are interested in one of our listings, contact us at 225-869-9762. Listing may change frequently so check back often.


3 1/2 Acres of Land, Amite.
Quail Trail Road Lot 3D, 2 1/2 miles North of Hwy 16 East.  Off of 1054(Chicken Farm Road)
Between White Columns. 

Call: 225-869-9762


Three separate properties located on Beco Road in St. Amant, LA.
11474 Beco Road, .76 acres, $30,000.00
11484 Beco Road, .78 acres, $30,000.00
11494 Beco Road, 1.07 acres, $30,000.00

Call: 225-869-9762



No vehicles at this time