Fee Schedule

Christmas Club Account Fees
Account Close Out Fee $10.00


Share Draft Account Fees
Overdraft Fee $25.00/item
NSF Fee $25.00/item
Returned Item Fee $25.00/item
Stop Payment Fee $20.00/item


Other Service Fees
Wire Transfer Fee $20.00/Transfer
Teller's Check $1.00 / check
Traveler's Check No Charge
Traveler's Check for two No Charge
Account Reconciliation $10.00/hour1
Account Research $10.00/hour1
Statement Copy Fee $1.00/copy
Account Activity Printout $3.00/printout
Deposited Item Return Fee $25.00/item
Inactive/Dormant Account Fee $5.00/month2
Telephone Transfer Fee $1.00/transfer
Overdraft Transfer Fee   $5.00/transfer
Temporary Check Fee  $2.00/sheet


EFT Fees 
ATM Transaction Fee $1.00/transaction3
Card Replacement Fee $5.00/card
PIN Reissue Fee $5.00/PIN
ACH Overdraft Fee $25.00/item
Debit Card Overdraft Fee $25.00/item


Share Value/Membership Fee 
Par value of one share $5.00
Membership fee $1.00


1$10.00 minimum charge
2 Charged after 2 years dormant and account balance less than $20.00
3On transactions at ATM's not owned by Credit Union

The rates appearing in this Schedule are accurate as of the Effective Date indicated on this Truth-in-Savings Disclosure. If you have any questions or require current rate and fee information on your accounts, please call the Credit Union.