What is your routing number?

Routing # 265474086

What is the daily limit for ATM withdrawals?

The most you can withdraw from an ATM within 24 hours is $300.00.

What is the daily limit for a debit card?

The most you can spend on your debit card within a 24 hour period is $2000.00.

What does it take to open a checking or savings account?

  • First you must be eligible to become a member by working for one of our current companies or if you are a family member of one of our current members.
  • For Savings Accounts you must have $6.00 to open, $1.00 fee to open the account and $5.00 must remain in the account to keep the account open.
  • In order to open a Checking Account you must have $100 to open the account.

If I have a checking account and a loan can I make an automatic loan payment?

Yes.  We can set you up with an automatic transfer from your checking account to your loan.

How do I wire money into my account with RRFCU?

CreditCatalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union
ABA# 311990511
6801 Parkwood Boulevard, Plano, TX  75024
Further CreditRiver Region Federal Credit Union ABA # 265474086
1625 Lutcher Avenue, Lutcher, LA  70071
Final CreditYour account number here indicating whether it is your Savings or Checking


How do I reorder checks?

Click Here to reorder checks or you can drop your reorder form to one of our member service representatives.

How can I transfer between two accounts?

You can use Online Banking, Audio Response, or call us to make transfers from one of your accounts to another one of your accounts. 

How can I sign up for Online Banking?

You can give us a call at 225-869-9762 and we can give you your username and access code.

Do you offer FREE checking?

Yes we do offer FREE checking to all of our members.

Can I get a debit card and what are the charges?

Yes you can apply for a debit card.  There are no charges to have a debit card.